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Tripleclicks is Fraud Free

I am an Affiliate and member of  a global online mall where people from over 190 countries buy and sell.

Tripleclicks is Fraud Free and customer service issues is handled for you 24/7.

I have made several purchases and got prompt delivery.



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It is an amazing experience!

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PrivacyMaxx Bulletin: Data security in the news

SFI News

Cartoon thiefNOTE: SFI is providing the news story below to help illustrate the importance of having an identity theft protection plan. As an SFI Affiliate, you can also create a great source of extra income by offering a PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan (available at TripleClicks) to family, friends, and customers. Feel free to print out the news post below for use in your marketing efforts and discussions with potential PrivacyMaxx customers.


A huge security breach at credit reporting company Equifax has exposed sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers and addresses, of up to 143 million Americans.

Unlike other data breaches, those affected by the breach may not even know they’re customers of the company.

Equifax(EFX) is one of three nationwide credit-reporting agencies that track and rate the financial history of consumers. The company gets its data from credit card companies, banks, retailers and lenders…

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New TCD Of The Week: Color Changing Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight

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SFI News

The LED Color Changing Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight combines the vision positioning system of a night light with eight different colors of soft light to indicate the position of a toilet in a dark bathroom. Super easy to install (just hang the light over the bowl facing the door), the light comes on automatically when sensing movement and stays on for two minutes after last movement is sensed. Two light modes let you select one set color or random colors that change every 15 seconds. Great for kids and guests!


Auto-sensing system
8 colors light in turn
Energy-saving design
Flexibly band for easy set up and adjustment
Sanitary design: easy to clean
Two mode options: steady and random colors
Power: 3*AAA Batteries (not included)
Sense Distance: 3 meters
Dimensions: 7.5*5.5*8.5cm

Earn 384 VP and $2.30 for each sale of this product! Ships FREE to most countries.

Icons of people with speech bubbles..


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Nikola M. wins $2196.06 in Badge Quest!

It is real, not imaginery. SFI is the place for building second or part time income

SFI News

With the winning number of…


Nikola M.
is the winner of the $2196.06
August Badge Quest Bounty!


We congratulate Nikola on his big win and we thank ALL of August’s contestants! Nikoka’s cash prize will automatically be added to his August commissions.

Get qualified for September’s cash prize now!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret…because a new Badge Quest Bounty is already underway.  To earn your entry in the drawing, simply advance your Badge Quest level by the end of the month (or maintain your Grand Master or Grand Master Elite status). Check your current status on your Badges tab.

logo-bq ABOUT BADGE QUEST: Badge Quest is an exclusive game for SFI affiliates with five levels of fun and achievement.  With each advancement, you’ll earn valuable prizes, recognition, and the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars in the big monthly Badge Quest cash drawing!  Get complete details on Badge Quest and the Badge Quest Bounty drawing 

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Hurricane Relief

Our heart goes out to everyone. Please be strong. Thank you SFI.

SFI News

We hope that all Affiliates and their families in the impacted areas from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are safe. SFI Corporate has already donated to hurricane recovery efforts to help those in need. If you would like to donate toward relief efforts, check out the highly rated charities listed below that are directly involved in ongoing hurricane emergency relief in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Barbuda, St. Martin, and other affected areas.

American Red Cross –

Direct Relief –

Operation USA –


Charity Navigator –

Group of People Holding Hands Around the Word GiveNOTE: In addition to the charities for hurricane relief listed above, our TripleClicks Round Up for Charity program operates year round and lets you quickly and painlessly donate to the charity of your choice and help make a difference in the world! Just select the round up option to raise your TC purchase total by a few…

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Canadian Crumbs – A Canadian Hero

True heroism. Inspiring.

True North Nomad

canadian crumb, cancer research, terry fox, thunder bay

hero [heer-oh]

1. a person who is admired for their selfless, courageous actions and/or noted for their nobility of character;

2. a person who has, in the opinion of others, achieved extraordinary accomplishments, often for the good of others and at great risk to themselves.

In the infancy of his adulthood, at the tender age of 18, Terry Fox was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his right leg.  After a lengthy battle, cancer would take his life, one month shy of his 23rd birthday.  His dream, to see a world free of cancer and its devastation, along with his legacy would endure.

Terry’s goal to run across Canada from the Atlantic in the East to the Pacific in the West began the night prior to having his leg removed.  Reading about an amputated marathon runner, Terry’s appetite for achieving anything you set your mind to was set in…

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Looking for a Genuine Second Income Online?

Income Around the World

Strong Future International (SFI) is an online network marketing second income, leverage income, full time or part time income stream.  When I joined in February 2017, I wished I had known about SFI at least 5 years earlier.  SFI is not new, it has been around in the United States since 1998! The parent business Carson Inc, has been existing for over 30 years. Isnt that good enough credentials?

Just a click:

Here are some of my of my experiences in the few months I have joined.

SFI is a genuine income stream – all you need to do is to follow the templates, rules, training and guide.

SFI is transparent and never give excuses when you earn – income, badges or win prizes; you get your earning, prizes and badges awarded instantly or as scheduled

SFI gives an all-round Training for its members – all you need to do is to read

SFI provides great support – a 24 hours support services and Upline team members who are ever hands on to support.  Once you have active Upline team you have nothing to worry about

SFI provides working tools to make your online marketing easy – it is constantly innovating

SFI all-round training can be applied to other business and career – and you can apply them (without any extra pay to SFI) and succeed.

Personally, I have gained a lot which I am applying to my full time business; and every day I am thankful to SFI for such an amazing opportunity to learn.

SFI encourages team building and team work – if you are a lone worker like I used, SFI will teach you how to build a strong team, because you only succeed, when they do.

SFI is interested in your success: SFI works with its affiliates as Partners and constantly developing, innovating and providing tools, training and resources to help members succeed.

SFI accommodates global time zone – so you have almost 24 hours within which to attend to your daily actions.

I could write multiple pages.  But may I close with saying that if you are reading this, and you are seeking for genuine online income Stream,  (not a get rich quick scheme); you are ready to read and learn; SFI is definitely the place for you.

Just a click:

If you have questions on how to get started or keep growing your SFI business, I am here to help.  Please feel free to contact me.


New TCD Of The Week: T95N Mini M8S PRO Android 6.0 TV Box

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SFI News

At just the size of a smart drive, the T95N Mini M8S PRO Android 6.0 TV Box is a set-top box, a second computer, and a portable PC you can fit in your pocket. Just plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or other compatible screen to enjoy the full Android Operating System experience. Watch all of your favorite programming, surf the Web, listen to music, chat and e-mail friends, and get full access to all of your favorite apps. Compact, yet powerful, the T95N Mini M8S PRO Android 6.0 TV Box packs ultra fast, high performance capable of FULL 1080p HD playback of your movies and ensuring a super fluid multimedia experience.
In the box:
* T95N – Mini MX+ TV Box
* HDMI Cable
* Remote Control
* Power Adapter
* English User Manual

Earn 807 VP and $10.76 for each sale of this product! Ships…

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I present Marija’s Shop and More


3D Waterproof Mascara

3D Waterproof Mascara

FOCALLURE Liquid Lip gloss


Make Up Brush


Synthetc Hair Large Makeup Brush Powder Foundation


Primer Base Sticker concealer pen Foundation


Foundation Pencil


Eyebrow Liner+3 Eyebrow Shape Stencils

For more on Marija’s Shop and over 1000 Shops:

Eyebrow Liner




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